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how to attract asian women

How to Attract Asian Women -

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Learn How to Attract Asian Women - Make the Cutest, Young Asian ...

Learn How to Attract Asian Women - Make the Cutest, Young Asian Girls Come to You Like a Magnet


To attract Asian women, make her laugh when they are down and grateful for all the things they can do and accomplished, she ...
If you want to attract Asian women, must learn and its positive and negative aspects for you to understand her when she with some mood swings. Women ...

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how to attract asian women

Subject: Asian Women

I read in your profile that you feel you can attract Asian women. I'm a white guy that has an Asian fetish - I love Asian women! But I always seem to have a tough time attracting them and dating them, why is this? What advice can you give me to attract Asian women?

Hello Daniel. First lesson - never say to a woman of Asian descent that you "have an Asian fetish" or "I love Asian women" or "I have yellow fever" or anyting that classifies them immediately by their race. I have come to learn through dating Asian women that this is often their number one pet pieve! Along with non-Asian men assuming that they are demure and sexually available to fulfill men's "geisha fantasies." Think of how many movies you have seen, particularly American military movies, that portray Asian women as go-go dancers, prostitutes, geishas, etc. - almost without fail they are portrayed as either sexual objects for men or peasants! I don't know if there is a single other "group" of people that have been more stereotyped or portrayed more poorly in American cinema that Asian females! But hopefully that is changing!

Ok, back to the topic at hand. Here is a very good way to endear yourself to Asian women: learn to be able to identify their particular ethnicity! Many times you can identify them by ethnicity based on surname, facial features, accent if they have one, etc. But of course don't rely on this totally, because if especially they are Americans, they may be of more than one ethnic Asian group. If you're not certain, for God sake don't guess wrong! In fact sometimes it is better to not bring the subject up at all, unless they do first. Many times when I have dated an Asian woman, at some point she'll be curious as to why I haven't bombarded her with questions about "what are you" or "where are you really from" and she'll comment that it is nice that I haven't asked her those dumb questions. If I'm certain that she is, say for instance, Vietnamese, she is often greatly impressed when I say "I didn't ask, because I knew you were of Vietnamese descent."

So it is often very good to, rather than categorizing them as "Asian women", learn the differences between the Vietnamese culture as compared to the Chinese culture as compared to the Thai culture, as compared to the Filipina culture, etc. etc. One of the reasons why I believe that I have had success dating Asian women is because I know something about the various cultures. I have studied Kung Fu and Buddhist philosophies for a few years (these are most specific to China, though VietNam as well), I speak some basic Vietnamese and Mandarin Chinese. You'd be suprised how far these go to serve your purpose! Not that this is an aphrodisiac for Asian women that you know a few greetings in Vietnamese or you know what "White Crane" is in Chinese, but it helps when you are courting an Asian female to come across as being interested in their cultural heritage and even better if you actually are! Of course some of them won't care, but many will.

Back to an earlier point I made about them being stereotyped as demure. I have dated a few Asian women (though not as many as I'd like to thus far!) but I haven't once dated one that I thought was demure! They often appear this way on the surface, but are in my experience quite sexually aggressive when they are comfortable with you. And often quite aggressive in general in relationships!

You should also be aware that for many Asian women, particularly those that come from more "traditional" families, that it is often enforced to them by their families that they should date only Asian men. Of course, this can work to your advantage in some ways, because women whether they be Asian or non-Asian like to rebel against their families and societal pressures. So use this "forbiddeness" to your advantage!

The good news for you, Daniel, is that when Asian women do date outside of their race, they are far more likely to date white men than any other racial or ethnic group. But that is not necessarily bad news for Hispanics either. My experience has been that often Chinese, Japanese, and Korean women prefer Anglo white men (light hair, light eyes, German, English, Irish descent) whereas Vietnamese and Filipina women often prefer Latin or Mediterranean men (dark hair, dark eyes, Spanish, Italian, Latin descent). Of course it is important to remember that we are all individuals and thus these generalities will not hold for everyone. Case in point, one of my first girlfriends was Chinese! But remember that we are playing a "numbers game" which means that if you want to attract women, and in this case Asian women specifically, you should "go with the numbers" or "go with the odds." In other words, put yourself in the best possible scenarios to attract Asian women.

Daniel, I hope some of this information helped you. Please feel free to ask some follow-up questions if you'd like. And FYI....I hear you 'bro, I luv Asian women too! :)